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Why was my purchase denied at checkout?

In the case of a denied purchase message from Klarna at checkout:

The message shown means that it is a denied purchase from the customers end and are therefore ineligible to use this payment option.

Customers are advised to use a different payment option, or get in touch with Klarna customer support on either 02030050833 or on the online chat service found on the following link: Chat is available Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  

Klarna Customer Support agents will take a look into previous Klarna order history and offer advice on how to increase eligibility for future purchases.

Unfortunately, Klarna's "Pay Later" and "Pay Later in 3" services are not universally available and are always subject to an individual assessment. There are a number of reasons why a customer may have been denied finance, and may affect eligibility including;

- their billing address is not registered on the UK electoral role (this might certainly be the case if they have moved to a new address within the past 12 months).

- address matching that is registered with the local credit bureau and major financial institutions,

- the device/browser customers are trying to place the order on, unpaid order history with Klarna, no order history with Klarna and the first order being a larger price, 

- the card being used does not match their billing address exactly (the billing address should also match the shipping address exactly).

- unsatisfactory assessment / purchase amount too high (Klarna has decided to not lend credit to this customer based on their lending policy)

- previous Klarna history (if they have previously used Klarna and had any flags raised)

Please also note that multiple attempts within a short time frame will likely be denied, therefore customers are advised to try again in 48 hrs.